TLILIC0001 - Licence to transport Dangerous Goods by Road The Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence focuses on the Australian Code for the transport of Dangerous Goods Code by Road & Rail seventh edition (ADG7). This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to obtain a Dangerous Goods (DG) Driver Licence to Transport DG by Road.


This course covers all aspects of the Code, providing comprehensive information about the state and territory regulatory requirements, and includes the major changes from ADG6. The responsibilities of all parties in the transport chain are included.

It is customised specifically to meet the needs and interests of the participants, and is delivered in a manner that ensures high levels of interest and learning retention.

Course content includes identification and handling, safety precautions and equipment, and compliance with the statutory requirements.

Assessment Outcome

On successful completion of the training program students are issued with a Statement of Attainment (issued by AITAC) which is needed as part of the process to apply for a DG licence. 

TLID3015 Identify and label explosives and dangerous goods

TLID3027 Prepare for transport of dangerous goods

TLIE1005 Carry out basic workplace calculations

TLIE4025 Prepare and process transport documentation for dangerous goods

TLILIC0001 Licence to Transport Dangerous Goods by Road

Course Specifics

Courses will only proceed subject to minimum number (6) with course size maximum number (10).

Group price rates subject to negotiation.


AJL Training reserve the right to cancel or reschedule courses if minimum course numbers are not met.  


Participants must all have a USI number.

Participants must have a  full Driver’s Licence (Provisional licence not acceptable) and comply with the requirements outlined in the application for a Dangerous Goods Licence published by Work Safe Tasmania.


$ 520.00 per person for Sth courses


Group price rates subject to negotiation

Requirements to achieve a licence

Completing this course does not entitle a person to drive a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in licence quantities – completing the course is one of several criteria including medical and criminal checks that must be satisfied, to be issued a DG Licence. 

Students must apply for a DG Licence at a Service Tasmania location.  Applicants must provide the statement of attainment, the completed WorkSafe Tasmania Application Form (see the links next page), proof of ID, a copy of current Driver Licence and pay the relevant fee.


Please note that licences are issued by WorkSafe Tasmania; the Competent Authority for Dangerous Goods transport and you are not licenced to drive a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in licence quantities until you have received your Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence.

On approval of your application your new plastic licence DG Licence will be forwarded to you by mail.

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