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AJL Training Pty Ltd is an approved Tas Dept of State Growth Motor Cycle Licence Training Provider.

Our Trainers and Assessors have a wealth of experience and understand the most effective training methods to help you achieve your Licence needs.

Our Motor Cycle training facilities are located at Moonah, Prospect and East Devonport.

In 2017 the new Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) was implemented in Tasmania. The M-GLS was introduced to provide new riders with an appropriate level of training and knowledge for on-road riding.

The new program provides three times the amount of supervised practical on-road training than the old system and is designed to give notice motor cycle riders the skills and knowledge necessary to be as safe as possible when sharing our roads with other road users.

Under the M-GLS, in order to obtain a motor cycle learners permit you must complete a standardised and compulsory 2 Day Learner Licence course. Followed by a half day Check Ride course and then the 1.5 hr Pre Provisional course.

AJL Training also offer One on One Courses for: those who have little or no experience with motor cycles (or do not drive a manual car) to build confidence prior to undertaking a Learner course; those who require further training one on one as deemed by an instructor; or a pre-competency assessment for those wishing to undertake a Conversion of their current Overseas Motor Cycle Licence.

New Tasmanian Motorcycle Training and Assessment Program

  • Road rules knowledge test
    Must be undertaken at Service Tasmania prior to registering for the Pre-Learner Course

  • Pre-learner motorcycle training course
    Is delivered over two consecutive days (around 15 hours). Consists of around 50 activities and includes a permit assessment on range prior to conducting the on-road coaching and mentoring activity. Increased focus on adult learning.

    *Passing the pre-learner results in a Learner licence

  • Learner Licence
    Minimum learner period is six months.

  • Check Ride
    Consists of three and a half hours and includes around 12 activities:
    • review of motorcycle permit assessment, skills check (on-range)
    • Pre-road briefing then check ride.

    *Check ride can be done 28 days after you passed your learners and must be done before your Pre-Provisional test

  • Pre-Provisional test
    Consists of one hour and 15 minutes in duration. This test includes approximately 10 activities, including skills check on range and the on-road assessment. There is a maximum of one participant per test undertaken.

    *Must pass a check ride before doing the Pre-Provisional Test. Can do Pre-Provisional on or after earliest test date. Passing results in obtaining your P’s.

  • Provisional Licence
    No change to existing P1 or P2 licencing requirements.

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The Pre Learner Course

The new Pre Learner Licence course is a two-day training, coaching and mentoring course which has been designed to extend the current emphasis on basic skills in motor cycle handling and introduce novice riders to critical aspects of riding including off-road sessions on basic riding skills, motorcycle operation, road-craft tactics, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), motorcycle knowledge, maneuvering skills, steering and cornering, emergency braking, safe riding strategies, rider awareness, judgment and decision making and an on-road assessment. On-road training and assessment will confirm that you have the necessary riding skills to control and maneuver a motor cycle safely in real traffic and on typical road conditions.
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The Check Ride Course

Check Rides provide a great opportunity for new learner license holders to obtain additional rider training and riding advice. Check Rides are used to review your riding skills and prepare you for your Provisional license training and assessment. A Check Ride involves an on-road ride and a group debrief with your trainer afterwards. During your Check Ride your trainer will guide discussions which will include road craft tactics and strategies, and safe riding skills and behaviours.
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Pre Provisional Motor Cycle

You can undergo the Pre-Provisional test once you have held your Learner’s License for a minimum of six months and minimum of 28 days after you have also passed your Check Ride. The Pre-Provisional test is an on range and on-road assessment to ensure motorcycle learners have developed and can demonstrate the road craft tactics, bike controls and behaviours required to obtain a P1 motorcycle license.
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One on One Course

This session is designed for those that have attended a course and been deemed by the trainer to be unsuitable to continue due to lack of capability or skills, and require further training prior to undertaking an assessment. The session can also be utilised for those who have not been on a motor cycle and want to try first before booking in to a Pre Learner Course. Coaching and mentoring will be provided to novice riders in the following: Safe riding strategies; Basic motor cycle knowledge, riding skills and motor cycle operation; control of a motor cycle; starting and stopping; steering straight and left and right turns.
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Overseas One on One Skills Course

This session is designed for those who have a current Overseas Licence and need to demonstrate they have the skills and knowledge prior to undertaking the course to complete the licence conversion. Coaching and mentoring will be provided to riders in the following: Safe riding strategies; Motor Cycle Road Craft knowledge, riding skills and motor cycle operation; control of a motor cycle. Overseas Licence Conversions participants must be able to demonstrate the above skills and techniques, undertake an on-range assessment and a road ride assessment.
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Returning Riders Road Skills Check Ride Course

The Check Ride course is designed to reinforce safe riding skills and behaviours. This course is fully supported and subsidised by MAIB for those that are returning to ride. MAIB are subsidising $150.00 towards the cost of the course, so participants only need to pay the balance. It is a half-day coaching course that includes an on range review of braking, steering and low speed maneuvering skills, and an on-road coaching ride on a per-determined route which will include multi-lane highways, narrow country roads, shopping centres, and hills and bends.
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